Really Happy…or Faking It?

Really Happy…or Faking It?

When we finally ‘think’ we are okay with being single, it seems that so many start shaming others who are in relationships.  We’ve all seen those posts on the various social media websites that basically show pictures and quotes implanting thoughts in the minds of those who are happy in their relationships questioning everything about their partners.  No doubt–there are plenty of people out there who are well aware that they are in bad relationships they stay simply for the pride factor of being able to say they are “taken”; but isn’t that their choice to make?

I believe there are so many women out there that are single after realizing their true worth from former relationships.  And while I somewhat encourage to share the knowledge they’ve learned to help others they know and care about that will help them make informed decisions in their relationship; I do believe that there are many lessons that we all have to learn for ourselves.  How many times have we seen movies, music videos, read books, etc., that give us the plot of two best friends–one in a relationship that the other single friend can see she is being treated badly or whatever–and instead of letting things play out like they always eventually do anyway; the single friend tells the other what she thinks.  And what happens?  The friend ends up hating her, instead of the cheating or abusive boyfriend, and it causes a rift in their friendship.  And in the end, she comes to the realization on her own–that this isn’t the right man for her.

So when you are not the one in the “perfect” relationship, it’s okay to be happy for your friends or loved ones.  Everyone gets their blessings at different times, in different intervals in their lives.  YOU may be wondering where your blessing is, but understand and realize that God blesses you when He feels you’re ready.  So in the meantime…just enjoy getting to comfortable with YOU, YOUR happiness, and being patient for the love YOU deserve.  Be happy, be loving, and definitely… always #bed’vine.

Yours Truly,

30, Single & Dating


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